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CAP has a vital interest in the moral and spiritual welfare of its members. The CAP chaplaincy is an organization of clergy who are appointed and endorsed as CAP chaplains. They represent their various denominations and support the pluralistic ministry of the CAP Chaplain Corps.


Complete details about the qualifications, duties and responsibilities of CAP Chaplains and CAP Character Development Instructors (CDIs) are found in the CAP Chaplain Service Handbook (CAPP 265-4).  Please Note:  References to Moral Leadership Officer (MLO) will be changed to Character Development Instructor (CDI) when this pamphlet is updated.

Are you submitting an application for appointment as a Chaplain (HC) or Character Development Instructor (CDI)?  If so, please use the following application checklists to be sure all required documents are being submitted.  You may also contact your Wing Chaplain for assistance if you have any specific questions regarding appointment requirements.

     Chaplain (HC) Application Checklist   [Use when submitting CAPF 35]

     Character Development Instructor (CDI) Application Checklist -   [Use when submitting CAPF 35A]


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