Wing Conference

2012 Annual Pennsylvania Wing Conference and Awards Banquet

Penn StaterJoin us September 28, 29, 30 in State College at the Penn Stater Convention Center Hotel as we celebrate the accomplishments of our members across the Wing!

The theme of the 2012 conference is "Excellence through a spirit of service!"  From the openening remarks through the seminars and hands-on sessions we'll focus on what it takes to make a great program exceptional from the squadron, right up to Group and Wing.  Both senior members and cadets alike will find many areas of interest throughout the conference with programs built specifically to help our members succeed.

Staffed by members from across the wing and beyond, each session will be guided by experts in their field to provide attendees with the tools and resources they need to get the job done while building a quality, sustainable program.  Whether at the weekly squadron meeting to field operations or in the air, we're committed to helping our members build a better and stronger CAP through Excellence in all we do!


Cadets attending the conference must have a signed permission slip.  Download the form here: CadetPermissionForm.pdf


Registration info and Conference Pricing

Conference only
$ 65
Banquet only
$ 30
Conference and Banquet  
$ 95

Register online now at:

CONFERENCEE REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE AT NOON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th. All registrations must be completed in advance.

Walk-in registrations will NOT be available at conference check-in. 
To fulfill our committments with the Penn Stater, we must have all attendees registered in advance.

Hotel Costs and Details

All rooms must be reserved by Friday 7 September.  No rooms will be available after Friday 7 September as the facility is SOLD OUT.

NOTE: Hotel charges are NOT included in the conference registration
The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel
215 Innovation Boulevard, State College, PA 16803
Single occupancy $86/night   (With CAPID)
Double occupancy $96/night (With CAPID)  
NOTE: These discounted room rates are available when you present your CAP ID card at hotel check-in.  When you reserve your hotel room by phone or online, you will be quoted the standard room rate.
The Penn Stater Hotel Check in is 3:00 PM and Check out is NOON.
To book a reservation call 800-233-7505 and reference Reservation Identification Number CIVI12A.
You may also book online securely by going to
1. Click Accommodations
2. Select Reserve your stay
3. Complete the form 
4. Enter Group Code CIVI12A
5. Click Check Availability

Here's a brief on what you can expect and experience:

  • Friday evening:   After you check in, join us at the Wing Hospitality Reception
  • Saturday morning:  The Conference Opens with the morning General Assembly and Awards
  • Saturday afternoon:  Training abounds!
    • Staff Workshops
    • Specialty Track Learning Labs
    • Hands-On Communications workshop
    • What to Wear - Uniform workshop
    • Cadet Activities
    • Professional Portraits
    • Chaplains Service
  • Saturday evening: 
    • The 2012 Awards Banquet
    • Cadet Pool Party
  • Sunday morning: 
    • Group Commander's Call
    • Wing Commander's Call


Specialty Track Labs

These sessions are lead by experienced staff officers with senior or master level ratings in thier given specialty.  These labs provide outstanding learning opportunities for our members to grow within any given specialty.  Each lab will cover: 

  • Who to contact,
  • Where's the regs, websites, news, and other resources,
  • Getting support from Group and Wing
  • Building a quality program at the squadron
  • Share Best Practices,
  • Ask Questions
  • Build your expert contacts network.

Earing Specialty Track Ratings are more than just taking one online test!   The Technician is the apprentice, perhaps new to the Specialty, learning the ropes. Start here and know what you need to do, who to talk to, and when!

These Saturday afternoon programs are designed as a Lab/Workshop or roundtable discussion format with Senior and/or Master Rated Instructor/Facilitator  in the Specialty Track listed below.  

Saturday Afternoon Break-Out Seminars


Mission Planning & Situational Awareness Computer Technology (STK) 
Today’s technology offers a wide range of tools for the Incident Commander, Mission Staff, and both Ground and Air Crews.  Analytical Graphics Inc (AGI) provides a mission-proven software application (STK) for modeling and operations of search-rescue missions.  Engineers and analysts use STK to model complex systems (aircraft, satellite, ground vehicles), along with their sensors and communications, in the context of the mission environment. Through integrated visualization, STK brings a clear understanding of system behavior and performance measured against mission objectives. STK capabilities are available in the format most convenient to you.  This STK seminar will show you how to use this technology to enhance response capabilities.  
NER Center of Excellence Glider Program
This seminar will familiarize you with all aspects of glider operations in the Northeast Region. This includes all four annual summer glider academies as well as glider cadet orientation flights conducted each weekend March through December at Van Sant airport.
The Senior Member’s Guide to Running a Successful Cadet Program - Major Erin Long
The Civil Air Patrol cadet program faces a slew of competition when fighting for the valuable time of teenagers today. This seminar will first review the basic needs/wants of various age groups and then discuss how to make the cadet program more interactive in order to draw on the likes and preferred learning styles of each individual. Suggestions for both weekly meetings as well as outside activities will be covered. The final 15 minutes will be spent in groups working on a proposed schedule for one month, including one extracurricular activity. Attendees will leave the seminar with an action plan in hand to take back to their respective units.
Cadet Programs Officers Training Session – Major Heather Weaver
Who? Group Director of Cadet Programs and/or their Assistant are required to attend, though the session is open to any Squadron DCC or cadet programs officers.
What? The Wing DCP will cover time sensitive information about upcoming events including the Cadet Competition, January NCSA Interview Day, and ENC/LDC/RCLS 2013.  We will also cover new changes and schedule for Wing CAC meetings and check in on how the Group CACs are running.
Aerospace Education Going Beyond the Book - Captain Robert Montgomery
Whether working with cadets or senior members, the aerospace program is an integral part of what we do.  In fact, it’s our middle name!  This seminar presents tools and ideas to help you build a high-quality program in your unit.
Specialty Track Workshops 
Working your way toward a technician rating in your given specialty?  Stop by the Specialty Track Workshop and speak to a member who is Senior- or Master-rated in your specialty to learn best practices, tips and tricks, or Wing procedures.
Public Affairs Session – Major Annette Carlson
PUBLIC AFFAIRS PART 1: "The Squadron Crisis Communications Plan"  Led by the PA Wing Public Affairs Officer, Maj Annette Carlson, this session explores this essential plan, how it's developed and how to use it.
PUBLIC AFFAIRS PART 2: "How to Get Published"  with Daniel J. Benny,Ph.D,CPP,PCI,CFE,CCO, Private Investigator & Security Consultant.
Maj Benny joined CAP in 1993, is the Asst Safety Officer for Capital City Sqdn 302, and earned the Gill Robb Wilson Award in 1999.  Dr. Benny who holds the security discipline chair with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide, is the author of a new book published by CRC Press –  General Aviation Security: Aircraft, Hangars, Fixed Base Operations, Flight Schools and Airports. This is the first textbook written on general aviation security. In the text, he defines what general aviation is and details methods of protecting general aviation aircraft, airport, hangars, fixed base operations and flight schools.   The book, which features a cover photo of a CAP Cessna, also provides an overview of CAP, including its history, missions and its vital role relating to homeland security and aviation safety.
Uniform Lab – What to wear? – Colonel Sandra Brandon
Confused about CAPM 39-1?  Wondering which device goes where, or what color tshirt is authorized?  Join us for this informative session on how to properly wear the CAP uniform.
CAP Oral Histories – Col Paul Kopczynski
Videotaping members/and or former members for PAWG historical archives.
Flight Releases & FAA Wings Program – Lt Col Chuck Bechtel
The Flight Releases presentation will address 2 audiences.  Part 1 of the discussion will address eFlight release procedures and responsibilities using WMIRS to be accomplished by ALL pilots.  Part 2 will address items that need to be accomplished by Flight Release Officers (FROs) with special emphasis on Form 99 procedures.  Flight Releases have recently received renewed emphasis by the NER Commander.  So much so that he is strongly considering grounding pilots who fail to comply with proper flight release procedures.
The FAA Wings Program is now strongly linked to CAP Ops Quals and Safety modules of eServices.  The presentation will focus on 2 major areas. First,  How CAP pilots can receive credit for Flight Reviews and monthly CAP Safety requirements by participating in the Wings Program and Second, how CAP Instructors may renew their CFI certificate by also participating in the program.  The presentation will also address procedures to sign up for the Wings Program and how to enter CAP ID information into the system.
WMIRS and eServices – Major Will Schlosser
This presentation will cover CAPs computer systems in regards to Emergency Services.  With topics from how to submit an ES Specialty for approval to how do I get reimbursed for Ground Emergency Services tasking we will give you the tools to make the jobs quick and painless.  We will also exploring various ways to process aircraft fuel receipts faster so that time it takes to do the paperwork in CAP is just a little less!
FY13 Overview and Emergency Services Training – Major Will Schlosser
Have you ever asked why there hasn't been a SAREX around you recently?  If so, this is the presentation to come to. A quick overview of what we accomplished in FY12 along with a layout of FY13 and how you can help facilitate training at your unit and Group.  Additionally, we will cover what elements of our Emergency Services mission will be the focus for this upcoming Fiscal Year.
Communications ICUT Update – Lt Roy Long
With the release of the new ICUT training modules, members can now complete this quality training at the unit level.  This session will cover the ICUT program in depth with special emphasis on self-supporting squadron communication needs.
Communications Hands-On HF/ALE Training Lab – Lt Col Dave Chubski
HF/ALE is the new standard in CAP long-range communications.  PA Wing is poised to deploy 6 new HF/ALE equipped squadron vans, one in each Group, with more to come next year.  Come learn how to use this new technology in this hands-on training lab.
CAP Drivers License and Photo Station – Captain Dick Schutter and Captain Barb Snyder
Stop by and apply for your CAP drivers license, and update your 101 card photo while you wait. Applications will be processed on site, with approved licenses immediately available for members to use.  Applications for the CAP license plate will also be accepted.
Chaplain’s Roundtable – Ch. Major Randall Matheny
From monthly character development with cadets, to mission needs, the Chaplain serves a vital role in Civil Air Patrol.  This seminar introduces requirements to become a CAP chaplain and how the position fits within the unit structure.

Non-Denominational Service 


Professional Portraits
A professional photogarpher will be available to take portraits or group pictures for all CAP and family members in the lobby near Presidents Hall beginning at 4pm.


General Assembly/Meetings/Seminars
Corporate uniform (polo or aviator shirt with gray pants), or Air Force light blue shirt / blouse. Individuals receiving awards, and personnel seated at the head table or making presentations should wear the service coat, or blue blazer and tie.

Awards & Banquet (Saturday evening)
Mess dress, semi-formal corporate service coat combination, or CAP blazer combination with plain white shirt and black bow tie by senior members, semiformal uniform by cadets, or appropriate (business-corporate) civilian attire.

Reception and Cadet Pool Party
Appropriate civilian attire (casual).