Forms and Publications

Number File Date
39-1 Pa Wing Supplement - Uniform Manual PDF icon PAWG-Supp-39-1-Dec15.pdf 2015-12-05
62-2 Pa Wing Supplement - Mishap Reporting and Review PDF icon PAWG-Supp-62-2_Jan14.pdf 2014-01-06
66-1 Pa Wing Supplement - Aircraft Maintenance Management PDF icon PAWG-Supp-66-1_Jan14.pdf 2014-01-06
77-1 Pa Wing Supplement - Transportation Operation and Maintenence PDF icon PAWG-Supp-77-1_Jan14.pdf 2014-01-03
Number File Date
2015-01 Commander's Safety Policy PDF icon PAWG Fleming CC Safety policy.pdf 2015-05-16
2016-01 Refund Policy PDF icon PAWG_Policy_2016-Refunds.pdf 2016-06-01
Operating Instructions
Number File Date
12-01 Consolidated Maintenance Drop-off / Pickup Instructions PDF icon OI12-01.pdf 2012-02-14
12-04 Funded Flight Evaluations PDF icon OI12-04.pdf 2012-04-18
12-05 Drivers License Application Procedure PDF icon OI12-05.pdf 2012-08-15
14-01 Monthly ES Training Mission Requests PDF icon OI14-01.pdf 2014-03-13
15-01 Credit Card Use And Reporting Financial Management PDF icon OI15-01.pdf 2015-02-01
Number File Date
173 PA Wing Banker Program PDF icon PAWGP-173-WingBanker Mar12.pdf 2012-03-31
Number File Date
2015 Wing Conf Cadet Permission Form Microsoft Office document icon 2015WingConfCadetPermissionForm.doc 2015-02-22
2015 CAPF32 PA Wing Conference File CAPF32PAWingConference2015.docx 2015-02-22
15 Aerospace Activity Report (Group/Squadron) Microsoft Office document icon PAWGF-15.doc 2014-08-26
60 Request to Conduct Flight Training for Cadets PDF icon PAWGF-60-CadetFlightTrainingRequest.pdf 2013-03-07
61 Funded G1000 Approval Form Microsoft Office document icon 2012-03-28
99-C Request for Travel Authorization PDF icon PAWGF-99c-Request-for-Travel-Authorization.pdf 1997-03-01
108 Expense Report (With descriptions) Microsoft Office document icon PAWGF-108_Feb10-WithDiscriptions.doc 2010-02-01
173-C F173-C Check Request Office spreadsheet icon PAWGF173c10.15.xls 2015-10-15
173-D Deposit Advice Office spreadsheet icon pawgf173d10.15.xls 2015-10-15
173-PO Purchase Order PDF icon PAWGF-PO-Purchase-Order.pdf 2011-11-10
173-4 Fundraising & Grant Request Microsoft Office document icon 2011-11-12
173-B F173-B Unit Budget Template 2015 (PDF) Office spreadsheet icon PAWG Unit Budget1516 PAWGF173-B.xls 2015-09-11
173-B F173-B Unit Budget Template 2015 (Excel) Office spreadsheet icon PAWG Unit Budget1516 PAWGF173-B.xls 2015-09-11
Number File Date
Memorandum on Nondiscrimination PDF icon PAWG Nondiscrimination 2011.pdf 2011-11-12
22016 Aircraft Rates, February 2016 PDF icon ACFuelRatesMemoFeb16.pdf 2016-02-01
Number File Date
PA Wing Tax Exempt Form (Dec 2015) PDF icon PA-Wing_Tax_ExemptDec2015.pdf 2015-12-22
Group Map PDF icon Group boundary map FEB 2016.pdf 2016-03-03
Raffles & Unrelated Business Income PDF icon Raffle-and-UBI-Policy.pdf 2011-11-10
Winter Pilot Safety Presentation (2011 Wing Conference) PDF icon WinterPilotSafety.pdf 2011-11-13
CAP License Plate Application PDF icon CAP-LicensePlate-Dec2015.pdf 2015-12-17