From the Wing Commander


To My Fellow Officers and Cadets of Civil Air Patrol-Pennsylvania Wing:

It is with great reverence and an enduring sense of accountability that I have accepted the command for Pennsylvania Wing in what I believe is the greatest organization in the world. I do not take lightly the job that has been entrusted to me.

We are in the midst of celebrating 70 years of continuous duty - serving our Community, State and Nation in any way we are called to do so. Everyone in our organization today makes great sacrifices so that we may serve. We have a wonderful history and a long road in front of us to continue to protect our Nation and inspire the next generation of leadership in our cadets.

I believe in this Mission, and I feel it important that you know what else I believe:

  • I believe that every moment is a gift and that I should use that gift in service both to you, our members, and our nation. We are all here to serve, not be served.
  • I believe every person (officer, cadet, and our supporting family member) is special and has greatness within them. I believe it is our duty to help our fellow officers and cadets find that greatness, so that they may excel in Civil Air Patrol and in life.
  • I believe in our Core Values. They are not something we put on with our uniform; our Core Values are what we bring with us, within ourselves, in everything we do.
  • I believe we are a part of something great, in one of the most phenomenal organizations in the world. We not only protect and serve, but we also hold in our hands the next generation of leaders to which we owe our constant attention and vigilance.

Along with beliefs come expectations:

  • I expect that we will work in a spirit of service within the regulations and policies of Civil Air Patrol.
  • I expect we will treat each other with dignity and respect leaving every member or customer feeling better about themselves and our organization after each and every interaction with us.
  • I expect that we will work with integrity.
  • I expect that we will work, train, and execute with nothing less than excellence.

Always, Always, Always remember to work with integrity in a spirit of service, respect and excellence for others. These are our Core Values. This is what makes us special. This is what makes Civil Air Patrol special, and this is how we succeed.

Thank you for your time and service - know that it is deeply appreciated.

You... WE ... are all Great people and we will do great things. I am extremely excited to serve you and I look forward to our next four years together!

Col Sandra E Brandon
Pennsylvania Wing Civil Air Patrol



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Refund Policy

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Group Map

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Corporate Learning Course (CLC) - November 2011


The Corporate Learning course will be held the weekend of 19-20 November 2011 on the campus of The Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA

The Corporate Learning Course (CLC) discusses the relationship the CAP squadron has with the next major echelon of command -- the wing. Specifically, CLC discusses how wing-level operations help to accomplish CAP's three missions of aerospace education, emergency services, and cadet programs. It describes the working relationships wing staff officers have with each other, and their squadron level counterparts.

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CAP License Plate Price updated to $32


Effective Immediately, the Pennsylvania CAP Specialty License Plate price set at $32.  This price includes the $25 payment to PennDOT and the $7 due to the Department of Corrections.


Order yours today! Download theapplication from the Wing Forms & Pubs page or by clicking here: CAP-LicensePlate-Dec2015.pdf

Send your completed applications, and check for $32 made out to PAWG CAP to:

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