ICUT Information

There have been many questions regarding the new Introductory Communication User Training or ICUT, its requirements and how to get it. 

We make great use of our CAP VHF radio communications capabilities during Missions and in everyday services. Many members will operate CAP radios in the normal course of their duties. These may be VHF van radios, VHF handhelds, Intra-squadron radios (ISR) or HF radios. No matter which CAP radios you might use, you must be an authorized CAP radio operator to use them. If you've already got a CAP Radio Operator Authorization (ROA) card and it's not expired, you're good to operate CAP radios today and through 31 AUG 2015; after that date you will need ICUT to continue operating. You may need ICUT sooner for many other reasons! The good news is ICUT is easy to accomplish online in the eServices Learning Management System; no classroom training needed, it’s available through eServices anytime and anywhere you can access it.

NOTES on ICUT requirements:

  • Both ACUT and BCUT ROA cards expire on 31 August 2015.  Even if the card was marked "Permanent". These old-style ROA's have been deprecated and will no longer be valid for use after 31 August 2015.  Everyone must re-qualify for ICUT.
  • Anyone seeking Emergency Services Ratings which require ICUT must complete ICUT to receive those new ratings or renew ratings they hold that now require ICUT.
  • If you did not upload your ACUT card to eServices for validation prior to 31 AUG 2012 you must take the full ICUT training and be evaluated by an ICUT evaluator.
  • Those with ACUT listed in the Achievements section of the eServices record prior to 31 August 2012 need only take a single module of the ICUT training and do not require an evaluation.
  • BCUT holders and all others will take three ICUT training modules and have an Evaluation.

Members seeking to hold a PAWG CAP callsign must also take the T10 Station Authorization module on eServices.

You may complete ICUT in eServices -> Learning Management System -> Communications -> Introductory Communications User Training. This is the initial training for all CAP personnel (even experienced operators) using CAP radios. ICUT replaces both the Basic Communications User training (BCUT) and the Advanced Communication Users training (ACUT). You don't have to do it all at once; the full version takes about 1.5 hours plus the Evaluation. The ICUT Evaluation is conducted by an Evaluator/Mentor who will work with you to make certain you know how to operate CAP radios and sign you off when once you've demonstrated you can.

Your Squadrons' Communications Officers are the go-to people for questions regarding ICUT training and Evaluations; they're supported by our six Group Communications Officers (DC) who are at work to put Evaluators in place at the squadron level throughout PAWG; the goal is to have one person per squadron that can do the Mentoring and Evaluations.

Your ICUT Evaluation can be done at any squadron meeting by a qualified ICUT Evaluator, usually the unit communications officer.  If you or your unit communications officer is not yet qualified to evaluate an ICUT, contact your Group communications officer for assistance.


Bottom line: It's best if you get ICUT done now! Don't wait until you need it.