Inspector General

IG badgeInspector General (IG): Lt Col Wayne Toughill

Asst Inspector General (IG/A): Lt Col William Parish

Asst Inpector General (IG/A): Lt Col Tom Brown

Asst Inspector General (IG/A): Lt Col Regis Dombrowski

Asst Inspector General (IG/A): Maj Katherine Hoadley

Asst Inspector General (IG/A): Maj George Kerrick

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IG Inspection Calendar

New CAPR 20-1 and CAPR 20-2, originally scheduled for 1 October 2017, are now current.

All SUI Discrepancies are now required to be entered into the DTS (Discrepancy Tracking System) in eServices.

Please see the SUI Knowledgebase for the official steps required to answer each discrepancy:


The purpose of the Civil Air Patrol Inspector General System is, in part, to create an independent and objective system that:

  1. Resolves problems affecting the Civil Air Patrol mission promptly and objectively.
  2. Creates an atmosphere of trust in which issues can be objectively and fully resolved without retaliation or the fear of reprisal.
  3. Ensures the existence of responsive complaint and inspection programs characterized by objectivity, integrity, and impartiality.
  4. Ensures the concerns of Civil Air Patrol members and the best interests of the Civil Air Patrol are addressed through objective fact-finding.
  5. Educates Civil Air Patrol members and commanders regarding the privileges of and protection for those contacting an inspector general.
  6. Ensures inspectors general, inspector general staff members, and investigating officers are trained to conduct thorough, unbiased investigations and inspections based on fair and objective fact-finding. Specific, detailed guidance on the CAP IG program may be found in CAPR 123-1.

Subordinate Unit Inspection Information (SUI)

Subordinate Unit Inspections are being conducted for all units in PAWG, as part of the IG team's normal duties.

Compliance Inspection (CI) Information

"Compliance Inspections (CI)" are conducted for all Wings, approximatley every four years.

  • See the Inspector General Page of the National Website for the current Compliance Inspection Guide.

How to Respond to a "Subordinate Unit Inspection (SUI)"

Units must respond to Subordinate Unit Inspection (SUI) Findings via the DTS (Discrepancy Tracking System) in eServices. See the link below to the Inspection Knowledgebase for how each specific discrepancy is required to be answered to be closed.

IG Training

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