2015 Winter Cadet Training Schools

On behalf of the Pennsylvania Wing Cadet Training Schools (CTS) staff, I'd like to announce that we have opened the registration period for our CTS Winter Schools. We are offering the schools in three (3) separate locations in Pennsylvania (East, Central and West) in March and April. Please encourage your cadets to apply. Full details and registration instructions are available on our website: https://cts.pawg.cap.gov/

There are three (3) schools offered:

1) Basic Cadet Orientation Program (BCOP) - BCOP is a weekend school geared towards new CAP cadets. It teaches basic skills of the Cadet Program and aims to prepare cadets for attending Encampment. This course focuses on the fundamentals of teamwork, participation as a flight member in drill and ceremonies, wear of the CAP uniform, and basic customs and courtesies.

2) Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) - NCOA is designed to bridge the gap between Encampment and CTS summer leadership schools - namely Leadership Development Course. NCOA is focused on grooming CAP cadets to be leaders within their respective squadrons by teaching the leadership of small units, such as an element or a flight. Cadets will learn how to properly call commands and drill a flight per AFMAN 36-2203 while beginning their education in leadership theory.

3) Officer Training School (OTS) - Following completion of the Leadership Development Course, cadets will begin their advanced leadership training and focus on building officership skills through OTS. Aimed at cadets in the later stages of Phase 2 or in Phase 3, OTS teaches the foundations of advanced leadership theory such as Situational Leadership, Techniques in Counseling, and Managing Staff. Cadets will be proficient in leading Squadron-level drill and build the foundations for leading a cadet squadron while preparing students to attend Region Cadet Leadership School.

Course descriptions available online: https://cts.pawg.cap.gov/content/course-descriptions-0

Commander, PAWG Cadet Training Schools