UPDATE: 2015 Cadet Training Schools - New Dates

Due to a situation beyond our control with space available at Fort Indiantown Gap, the dates for the Cadet Training Schools for 2015 have had to shift by one day.

The new dates are:
SUNDAY, JUNE 21st through SUNDAY, June 28th
Graduation will occur on Sunday, June 28th. Time TBA.


Student arrival will be Sunday, June 21 between 1100 - 1500. Each school has a specific arrival time within that window. Only our Staff members are authorized to arrive Saturday, June 20 due to limited overnight lodging availability. Specifics are available on our website which has new reporting instructions: https://cts.pawg.cap.gov/content/inprocessing

POTENTIAL CONCERNS: Cadets who are affected by the date change related to the new arrival or departure date should contact us ASAP so we can discuss arrangements to best accommodate the request. We also understand that this change may present challenges for Units and families to transport cadets to/from our schools. Of particular concern is Sunday June 21st as this is Father's Day and is the new arrival day. Commanders have received a special email detailing information and potential for arrangements to help with transportation. If there are any concerns about transportation please contact your Squadron Commander ASAP to discuss new arrangements.

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