G1000 Transition Training











Pilots desiring to become qualified in G1000 (TAA) aircraft may do so in one of two ways:

1.  For those pilots with no G1000 experience they must complete the CAP G1000 Ground School (VFR or IFR as appropriate) prior to a flight evaluation

Garmin G1000 Training References

G1000 Ground School Study Guide

G1000 Cockpit Reference Guide


2.  If a pilot has previous G1000 experience, he or she must present documentation and discuss their experience with the Wing DOV who will determine if an immediate Form 5 should be administered.

3.  To apply for Wing-Funded training click here

Current Wing policy is that the pilot pays for the first transition training flight.  The Wing will pay for the remainder of the training and a Form 5 Flight Evaluation.