NER Cadet Competition - Call for staff

On President's Day Weekend in 2017 from February 17-19 at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, New York we will be holding our annual NER Cadet Competition.


We have had some phenomenal staff members in the past and we would like to exceed our competitors' expectations again this year.


Therefore, we are opening up the following positions:

Judges (C/Col and Senior Members) - 6 spots

Administration (Senior Members) - 2 spots

Safety Officer (Senior Members) - 1 spot

Cadet Staff (C/SSgt and higher only) - 5 spots


Please forward your CAP resume, and your top 2 positions wanted, to me by 11:59pm on November 30, 2016.  PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY EMAIL ME BULLET POINTS!  If you have been on staff before there is no need to send me a resume, you can simply let me know of your interest and position(s) wanted.  If you apply, you MUST be able to attend all 3 days of the competition (Friday will begin in the evening after dinner time and we will end around lunch time on Sunday).  We have been approved to cover all costs except gas and tolls for staff.  If you do not want to stay in the barracks you must make other lodging arrangements at your own expense.


I look forward to receiving your applications!


Lt Col Danielle DeAngelo, CAP
Northeast Region DCS/Cadet Programs