updated 14 JUNE 2015
Teleconference Training - Covers various topics including:

  • PAO Regulation 190-1
  • PAO Specialty Track CAPP
  • PAO Inspections - Wing Compliance Inspection (CI) and Subordinate Unit Inspection (SUI)
  • The Inspection Assessment Response
  • Self Inspections
  • Continuity Books
  • Find or Make News

FEMA Training - online and self-directed - FEMA IS-250 and IS-702


FEMA's Emergency Management Institute (EMI) has developed a new NIMS IS-250 training course on Emergency Support Function 15 (ESF 15) regarding External Affairs under the new National Response Framework.  The course is presented in five video modules, so your computer must be equipped with speakers and video software such as Windows Media Player.  The course takes about one hour to complete and is available free online at:


The IS-250 training course is intended for FEMA External Affairs staff and public affairs personnel from other federal agencies that are signatories to the National Response Framework.  However, state, local, and other 
Response Partners that could participate in a Joint Information Center during an incident of national significance under ESF-15 guidance may find this course helpful. 


FEMA also offers a NIMS IS-702 course on Public Information Systems that is recommended (but not required) for Public Information Officers and JIC staff who would participate in a Joint Information Center under NIMS 
Incident or Unified Command.  The IS-702 course takes about three hours to complete and is available free online at: 


Both IS-250 and IS-702 require that you pass a 25-question multiple-choice exam after the online training in order to receive a certificate of completion. Keep a copy of your certificate(s) in: your personal CAP file; your inspection assessment book and continuity book; your squadron or unit personnel file.