NCSA 2017 - *** PA Wing Interview Day - Saturday, 28 January 2017***


NCSA Process for 2017

***Wing Interview Day - Saturday, 28 January 2017***



Dear Cadets, Parents, and Squadron Commanders:


The deadline for applications is approaching fast. We currently have 67 activity applications pending at Wing HQ. The more applications we get, the more cadets we will be able to send to the activities that they want to do. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Get your applications in NOW! Fill up your summer schedule with some amazing training and educational opportunities. 


Below are some important dates and information for cadets that wish to attend any of the National Cadet Special Activities in the Summer of 2017. ** Please note that the application dates have changed from the previous email due to a delay in opening the applications at NHQ**. 


NCSA Timeline for 2017

15 December 2016--All NCSA information up to date and e-services application process open


11:59PM SUNDAY 15 January 2017--All NCSA applications due to be considered for primary status. We highly encourage all cadets to apply prior to this deadline to receive full consideration for your application.


15 January 2017 - 26 January 2017--UNIT COMMANDER APPROVAL

We need all Unit Commanders to please approve or disapprove your cadet applications at the Unit level.  We have a very tight turnaround for this process. We ask for your cooperation as your approval status of your cadet's application is make it or break it for them to move on to the next level of the process. 


Saturday, 28 January 2017--PA Wing NCSA and CTS Interview Day at Wing HQ at FTIG, Annville, PA

  1. An in-person interview is mandatory for all cadets applying for NCSAs and Seniors applying for IACE. 
  2. Exceptions--Hawk Mountain Ranger School (HMRS) and PA Wing Honor Guard Academy--you DO NOT need an interview for either of these programs. 
  3. Please note--If you have a conflict for this day for the mandatory in person interview for NCSAs, please contact ASAP with information about the conflict. 
  4. CTS Interviews are separate from the NCSA interviews. If there is a conflict or if you have any questions about CTS interviews, please contact
  5. The deadline for applications to staff CTS is 20 Jan 2017.

The NCSA Interview Board will then make their recommendations and cadets will be approved, green lighted, or red lighted by 1 March 2017.  


Cadets should hear about their status from NHQ by 1 April 2017, possibly sooner.


Uniform - Dress Blues - Class A if you have them. BDUs are not acceptable.


Time - 0900 to about 1700 - Generally done on a first come first served basis, but accommodations will be made for those that are traveling several hours so that the drivers do not exceed the hours of the duty day (for safety reasons). 


Lunch will be provided for ALL cadets (CTS and NCSA applicants) in attendance. Parents should make plans to be in the area for a few hours. Because of number of members and activities that are going on at Wing HQ on this day, a hospitality room/waiting room for parents will not be available. 


Because weather can vary at any given time throughout the Wing, travel concerns will related to weather will be addressed closer to the date of the interviews. Safety is a primary concern, so travel will not be expected if there are unsafe road conditions between your home and Wing HQ. Accommodations will be made for weather related travel concerns, but an "In-person" interview will still be required if you have not had one in previous years.  



Questions or concerns?

Cadets--Please use your chain of command and talk to your Squadron Commander or Deputy Commander for Cadets.  Commanders, please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions, concerns, or issues related to the NCSA process.