2012 Pennsylvania Wing Cadet Competition

The 2012 Pennsylvania Wing Cadet Competition took place on Sunday, 25 March on the University Park campus of The Pennsylvania State University.

Five Pennsylvania squadron teams competed in the Color Guard competition, Including:

• Allegheny County Composite Squadron 602
• Golden Triangle Composite Squadron 603
• Mid-State Composite Squadron 239
• Nittany Composite Squadron 338
• Quakertown Composite Squadron 904
This annual event provides incentive and motivation for cadets to train and attain goals in leadership, aerospace education, physical fitness and teamwork, and an excellent opportunity for cadets to increase esprit de corps through excellence in training and performance.

The cadet competition is designed as a competitive venue in which cadets can display their training and leadership skills, and recognizes and rewards cadets whose training and performance is determined to be the best in the CAP Cadet Program.

The winner of the wing-level competition represents Pennsylvania Wing at the Northeast Region Cadet Competition at Westover ARB the weekend of 27-29 April 2012.

The competition is comprised of seven events with winners of each event as follows:

In Ranks Inspection:   Mid-State
Standard Drill:            Nittany
Indoor Practical Drill: Nittany
Outdoor Practical:      Allegheny County
Mile Run:                    Nittany
Written Exam:            Allegheny County
Panel Quiz:                Golden Triangle


Overall Awards:
First place
:        Nittany Composite Squadron *
Second place:   Allegheny County Composite Squadron *
Third place:      Golden Triangle Composite Squadron

* Nittany Composite Squadron will not participate in the Region Competition, therefore, 
The Allegheny County Composite Squadron will represent Pennsylvania Wing and compete at the Northeast Region Cadet Competition at Westover ARB the weekend of 27-29 April 2012

Both teams are eligible to wear the National Color Guard Competition Ribbon.

Special Awards included:
Fleet Foot awards for male and female cadets who were the fastest in the mile run were won by Nittany’s Jeff Layng and Rebecca Layng.

The highest written exam score went Jason Young also of Nittany.

The Special Team Award chosen by the competing teams went to Golden Triangle.

The Outstanding Cadet award went to Jeff Layng from Nittany.

Congratulations to all the Cadet Teams!  Job well done!