Pilot Call Signs

As a moral booster we maintain a list of unofficial call signs for our pilots.  If you are a qualified pilot and would like to join the list, contact "Batman" bruce.russell@comcast.net.

Current List:
Sandy "Stormy" Brandon
Bruce Wayne "Batman" RussellCall Signs
Chuck "Chopper" Bechtel
Tim "Tanglefoot" Roth
Bob "Buddha" Gardner
Al "Sparky" Johnson
Charlie "Goose" Gerth
Bob "Geronimo" Georges
Kevin "Gadget" Berry
Jim "Pappy" Blow
Alan “Rocket Man” Fuller
Conrad "Condor" Shearer
Bill "Sarge" Story
Bob "Lightbulb" Calabrisi
Ron Skyking" Flinner
Ivan "Ivanho" Sears