CAP Members: Our CAP members need help after Hurricane Sandy

From the Commander,

As PA Wing's participation in an official capacity winds down in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, I would like to thank everyone for their diligence, unwavering commitment and execution.  Whether you flew missions, worked in operation centers, provided leadership in key roles or were standing by for ground team missions, your participation was critical and well executed. As always, you proved yourselves once again to be a vital part of our community. 

Although the "official" part of our mission is tapering down we have yet another mission - our commitment to each other. We have many members in our community that are still without power, work, food, and housing with temperatures forecast to drop below freezing in the upcoming days.
We will use the Wing Facebook page and website as a way for those who need help, to reach out to our fellow CAP members who may be able to provide support. 
This support could include shelter, blankets, sleeping bags, food, warm clothes, flash lights, batteries, generators or just a kind word of encouragement.
Let's all do our best to reach out to each other in this time of need.
Thank you
Col Brandon
Commander, Pennsylvania Wing
Civil Air Patrol
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