UPDATE: 2014 Wing Cadet Conference



As part of the CAP National Character Day, cadets are encouraged to participate in a special activity/challenge that will test their courage.  The Wing Cadet Advisory Council is very excited to have this special activity for the cadets to participate in. 
We are happy to announce that we have gotten approval from NHQ for the cadet's adventure on September 13th the "Skyfall Stunt Jump" Adventure from Phantom Entertainment. See what it looks like here: 
This will be a "challenge by choice" adventure. This means that cadets do not have to participate in the event but they will need to be outside encouraging their fellow cadets who do want to take on the challenge. 
Any cadet who wants to complete this challenge will need a special waiver signed by their parent or guardian.  SEE ATTACHED.  Because of the time constraint we will accept a printed copy of this waiver in person on September 13th at sign-in.  A cadet MUST have a signed copy in hand. We cannot allow any cadet to participate that does not have a signed copy turned in at sign-in (ie the company will not accept a phone call to the parent in lieu of the paper).
Questions? Concerns? Please contact cp@pawg.cap.gov
Again, please note, this is an OPTIONAL activity and only those cadets with permission will be permitted to participate.