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updated 9 NOV 2016


CAP Public Affairs Program Mission:

The mission of the Civil Air Patrol Public Affairs (PA) program is to inform internal and external audiences of Civil Air Patrol’s national importance, safeguard the image and assets of the corporation, and strengthen relations with key audiences and customers, which enables the organization to grow.

Public Affairs Officer Objectives:

  • Increase public awareness of CAP, its local, state, and national missions and its contributions to the nation.
  • Develop and conduct a comprehensive internal and external public relations plan.
  • Promote cooperation between CAP and other aviation organizations, the military, business, industry, and civic groups.

CAP REGULATION 190-1 - Civil Air Patrol Public Affairs Program

Pennsylvania Wing Staff: 
Public Affairs / Public Information Officer

Wing Public Affairs Officer & Public Information Officer (PAO & PIO):
Lt Col Annette Carlson -


Wing Public Affairs Officer of the Year

2016? - submit your favorite PAO, thru chain of command, to the Wing PAO, Lt Col Carlson


2015 - 1st Lt Malisa Silassy, Washington Composite Squadron PAO 

2014 - 1st Lt Rusana Kasriel, Group 4 PAO and Lehigh Valley Composite Squadron 805 PAO

2013 - 1st Lt Cindy Gironda, Group 1 PAO and Allegheny Composite Squadron PAO

2012 - 2d Lt Jennifer Lichlyter, Harrisburg Composite Squadron PAO 

2011 - 1st Lt Colleen Wilver, Lawrence County Composite Squadron 123 PAO

2010 - Recinded

2009 - Tracy Axelrod

2008 - Glenn Koheler


Northeast Region Public Affairs Officer of the Year

2013 1st Lt Cindy Gironda, Group 1 PAO and Allegheny Composite Squadron PAO


CAP National Public Affairs:
Deputy Director for PA: Julie Debardelaben -
National PA Officer: Lt Col Steven Solomon -
CAP National Public Affairs Contacts:

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