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Cadet Protection

Civil Air Patrol provides a safe, positive environment that uses an age-appropriate learning model to challenge and encourage young people.

Significant safety measures are in place for the protection of every cadet. Adult leaders are trained to provide a safe and positive environment for cadets. All cadets have a "wingman" who provides peer-to-peer support. Wingmen also are taught to report any safety concerns to a trusted adult member. No form of abusive behavior, bullying, or hazing is tolerated.

Five Pillars of Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Protection Strategy

1. Screening of prospective adult volunteerswith an in-person interview, a criminal background check, and fingerprinting.

2. Standards of Practice with two-deep adult leadership as the key standard.

3. Monitoring of local practices by organization leaders, adult volunteers, and cadets.

4. Reporting of reasonable suspicions of abuse.

5. Training with basic and advanced courses for adults and an age-appropriate course for cadets.




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