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Core Values

Civil Air Patrol’s core values – integrity, volunteer service, excellence, and respect – are derived from those that guide CAP’s Total Force partner, the U.S. Air Force. They provide an overarching framework to help members understand what is expected of them as they carry out their duties in the communities they serve.


The cornerstone of Civil Air Patrol’s core values, integrity is always doing the right thing, at all times, in all situations. A person with integrity demonstrates the qualities of honesty, courage, responsibility, accountability, and humility.


Volunteer Service

The spirit of volunteer service is the very essence of Civil Air Patrol. It reflects members’ commitment to giving their time, energy, expertise, and personal resources to support the organization’s mission: volunteers serving America’s communities, saving lives, and shaping futures. This process starts with the member’s agreement to obey the rules and regulations of CAP and the Air Force.



Excellence drives members to do their best and continuously advance their knowledge and capabilities. Members have a passion for continuous improvement and innovation. Members’ appearance, actions, and professional demeanor shape the culture of CAP.



Civil Air Patrol’s culture is built upon the understanding that each member is unique and must be treated with fairness, dignity, and compassion. As a core value, respect comprises three dimensions: self-respect, respect for others, and respect for the organization. Because CAP relies on teamwork, all members are valued equally, and diversity among our ranks is celebrated.




Volunteers Serving America’s Communities, Saving Lives, and Shaping Futures.




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