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CadetInvest Announcements Released 

What is CadetInvest?

CadetInvest offers various types of financial assistance opportunities to cadets. Cadets apply in eServices using a single application to be considered for any CadetInvest programs, including Cadet Wings, Lift/TOP, and Scholarships. CadetInvest connects cadets, their aspirations and funding partners. You will select the programs you are interested in obtaining financial support for when you apply through CadetInvest. To discover more about the programs that are offered, click on the Quick Links below. 

How do I apply?

Apply through the e-Services "CadetInvest" module. A link can be found here. CadetInvest is only open from October 1 to January 15 @ noon (CST), so keep that in mind. 

How do I know what I qualify for?

There are some basic qualifications you must meet for all programs.

  1. Be a current CAP Cadet.

  2. Have not been a recipient of the scholarship or program before. There are several options when applying.

  3. Possess and maintain an academic standard acceptable to the school you attend.

  4. If applying for an Academic Scholarship, be enrolled in a full-time course of study during the academic year for which the scholarship is awarded.

Each program will have specific criteria for eligibility. It is important to become familiar with the qualifications before you start your application. The step-by-step guide to the application procedure may be found here

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