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Monthly Mission

The monthly mission found in the Web Mission Information Reporting System (WMIRS) is to provide the opportunity for aircrews or ground teams to plan a single training sortie. Additioanally, a single aircrew and ground team can coordinate with each other for a small scale exercise with prior approval.  Communicators and support personnel can also be included in this mission with prior approval.  See below for details.


How do I use it?

 In order to access this mission, you will need to contact Director of Operations or Assistant Director of Operations prior to the sortie that you are planning for approval of the sortie.  Sorties must be executed in accordance with CAPR 60-3 and 60-1.  All associated mission paperwork including 104/109, Risk Matrix, Receipt, and Weight and Balance as applicable, must be uploaded into WMIRS at the conclusion of sortie. 


Is there more information?

Yes!  If you click in WMIRS on the mission number, and go to the description of the mission, there is routinely more information that is available to you depending on the mission.  Please visit this section for more information including any variations for a particular month prior to contacting the aDO.


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