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Training Mission Numbers

When do I need a mission number?

-If you are moving an aircraft
-If you would like sortie credit for an SQTR
What types of Mission numbers are there?
     These mission numbers can be either for USAF funded or unit paid missions and carry FECA/FTCA coverage.  They require a 45 day lead time for the request.
    These missions carry only CAP Corporate insurance and are for unit funded exercises primarily.  The lead time necessary for this is only 14 days.
How do I request a mission number?
The first step is to talk with your unit commander and ES officer to gauge need and desire for an exercise.  Your next step is to talk with your Group ESO or DO to coordinate the exercise.  To make a formal request complete a request form on the Virtual Emergency Operations Center at the link below:
What am I going to be required to turn in for paperwork?
Please coordinate with your Incident Commander before the mission in order to fully understand what he or she is expecting of you in regards to paperwork.  For a general overview, please visit the national mission documentation website.
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