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Director of Logistics: Lt Col Suzanne McBride
Logistics Maintenance Officer: Maj Charlie Gerth
Transportation Officer: Capt Rod Thomas



Logistics Resources

Vehicle Usage Reporting Instructions

Vehicle Repair Reimbursement Procedures


CAP Drivers License Information

CAP Drivers licenses are now processed and approved via the eServices Ops/Quals system.  Complete details and instructions on how to apply are in CAPR 77-1.  Additional important information on providing a driver history report is listed in PA WIng Supplement 4, 77-1.

NOTE:  Members must submit a copy of their DMV record when applying.  Members may choose to apply by using the PennDOT service online for a fee, or may submit their PennDOT DL 503 in eSevices and have Wing HQ pull the record for free.  To avoid paying the fee, download and complete the PennDOT DL 503 available on the Wing Forms and Pubs page and upload to eServices for approval. Complete instructions are included in the Wing Supplement CAPR 77-1 located on the National Publications website under Approved Supplements & OIs by Region, Northeast Region, Pennsylvania.

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