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Vehicle Reimbursement

Vehicle Repair Reimbursement Process

The following guidelines must be followed in order to receive reimbursement for vehicle repairs.

  1. Determine whether you will be submitting a VSI claim, a standard repair request or a paint job request according to CAP Regulation 77-1.  
  2. For standard repair requests you may FAX to Wing Headquarters one (1) estimate. You need to include the vehicle number (example: 37000) and the name and phone number of the Vehicle OIC.  
  3. For VSI claims (windshields or accidents) you must mail two (2) separate estimates and at least two (2) photographs to Wing Headquarters. You must also include in the packet a completed CAP FORM 131 with all supporting documents listed on that form. Failure to include supporting documents will delay your vehicle repair. 
  4. For paint job requests, you must mail to Wing Headquarters at least two (2) estimates and enough color photographs to support justification for repainting. Include in the packet the name of the Vehicle OIC and his or her contact information. Paint requests are strictly controlled due to limited Air Force Appropriated Funds, and will be based on severity and when the request was submitted. Make sure you have good visual justification for your request.  
  5. Do not begin repair work until you receive VERBAL CONFIRMATION from Wing Headquarters that you will be reimbursed, and are given the total amount of reimbursement available to you, and the amount for which you will be responsible.  
  6. Once you receive confirmation of the amount you will be reimbursed and the amount you are responsible for, contact the repair shop and have them begin work. Note that you should not agree to have parts ordered while you wait for confirmation of reimbursement. If you do, and National does not agree to reimbursement, you will be liable for the cost of those parts. 
  7. Once work is complete, pay the repair shop and ask for a PAID INVOICE. Do not accept work orders or estimates that are marked paid. You need a FINALIZED INVOICE that shows the amount charged for parts and labor, and the method in which you paid the balance (cash, check, credit card). Be careful to note that the date on the PAID INVOICE does not fall before the date you received confirmation of reimbursement, or you will not be reimbursed. 
  8. MAIL the original PAID INVOICE along with a copy of the check, credit card or cash receipts to Wing Headquarters. For security purposes please black out account numbers on checks and credit card receipts.  
  9. You can expect a waiting period of seven to eleven business days for reimbursement of your expenses. 


Note that failure to follow these steps may prohibit you from receiving any reimbursement. All invoices, work orders and estimates should contain your home or squadron address and your telephone number, not Wing Headquarters.  


Questions about your ongoing vehicle repair work should be directed to Wing Headquarters. If you are not sure if repairs will be eligible for reimbursement check CAPR 77-1, or contact Wing Headquarters.

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