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AFA Outstanding Cadet of the Year

Air Force Association Awards Outstanding CAP Cadets with the “Civil Air Patrol Outstanding Squadron Cadet of the Year Award”

AFA provides each CAP squadron or unit a unique medal, ribbon and certificate to present to the most outstanding CAP cadet in each squadron each year. AFA is proud to support these accomplished cadets with an award package that includes a silver medal accompanied by a sky-blue ribbon and a certificate. AFA requests that the certificate be inscribed by the unit before it is presented to the cadet at a special awards ceremony.

Each year, beginning 1 December, but not later than 15 January, CAP Squadron/Unit Commanders should request an award package directly from AFA’s National Awards Office, either by mail or by e-mail. This award package should not be requested by the AFA State or Chapter organizations; it is only requested by CAP Unit Commanders. (The letter on the following page could be used for this request, if desired.)

The award package contains a form for each commander to complete and return to AFA after the cadet is selected. The form will request the following information:
Unit Name and Address 
Unit Commander’s Name, Phone and E-mail
Award Presentation Information: Date, Location, Presenter
Award Recipient’s Name/Rank/Accomplishments


In order to allow commanders the widest possible latitude in this selection, the award may go to any cadet, at any level of achievement in the CAP Cadet Program who has displayed superior performance during the year.

After the unit has made the annual selection for the outstanding cadet award, a special presentation should be made. This can be done at any CAP event or awards ceremony, or, even at a local AFA Chapter event. It is recommended that a local AFA representative be asked to make this presentation to the Outstanding Squadron Cadet at an appropriate time. To find information about a local AFA Chapter who may have a possible representative for this presentation, go to: CAP commanders may also make the presentation if no AFA representative is available in the area. Each unit will have unique resources and opportunities for this presentation, thus presentations will vary.

The AFA award package information is also found at

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