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Specialty Training

Specialty Qualification Training Record (SQTR)

The SQTR can be found in eServices.  Please note that utillizing both the online system, and paper and pencil systems are required for proper approval of each specialty track.  Before final approval will be given, a copy of your hand signed SQTR must be uploaded into eServices.  Please have your qualified supervisor write his/her CAPID on the signature line, so the Operations Staff is able to verify the signature.  Here are some useful tools to help you use the system:


How to enter tasks into the online system


How to upload paperwork (click here for detailed instructions)


  1. Log in to eServices, click "My Operations Qualifications" on the left hand side.
  2. Click "Entry/View Worksheet" under Emergency Services, also on the left.
  3. At the top of the page, you will see your name and underneath click "View/Upload Documents."
  4. Select the appropriate qualification and click the "Upload ES Files" button.


How to input ICS courses

How to renew a specialty

How do I find out where my SQTR is in the approval process


What kind of missions do I need?

In order to complete a task, a member another member who can evaluate the tasks as per CAPR 60-3.  After a member has completed the Familiarization and Preparatory training, they will need to participate in two sorties with a CAP mission number.  These mission numbers can be USAF missions, USAF funded training missions, Corporate missions, or Corporate training missions. 


What is a sortie?

For qualification in an ES specialty, a member must perform on 2 sorties in that specialty.

For Aircrews - this means two sortie entries in WMIRS
For Ground Personnel - this means two sortie entries in WMIRS

For Mission Base / Flight Line Staff - a sortie equals 4 hours performing in that specialty.

*Please note that you must be signed into the mission in that specialty for it to count towards that specialty.


Do I need two different mission numbers?

No.  If you perform two sorties in that specialty, you are a considered to be qualified in that specialty if all of your other tasks are complete.  Please note that if you have the same mission number for both sorties, both lines do need to be filled out.  In order to expedite the approval process, please notate what sorties were utilized if they are on the same day with the same mission number.


Where can I take ICS 300 and 400 courses?

These courses must be taught in a classroom setting by local, state, and federal agencies accredited by FEMA to teach these courses.  You can find a full calendar of Emergency Management Course offerings by visiting the PEMA training calendar online and seaching on the right for ICS-300 or ICS-400:

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