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Vehicle Reimbursement

Vehicle Invoice/Receipt Submission Process

The following guidelines must be followed in order to have your EFS card reconciled.
  1. Except in extraordinary instances reimbursement to members will not be needed as repairs, maintenance and requests for COV painting will be charged to the EFS Fleet card assigned to each Wing COV.
  2. EFS Card use is restricted to maintenance, repair, inspections, parts and “A” mission fuel purchases. Prohibited Uses: Car washes, online purchases without prior approval
  3. Be sure shop accepts card for payment and they have our sales tax exemption form.
  4. Card use is limited to $500.00 per use $1,000.00 per month without prior approval. For charges greater than those listed an estimate on shop letterhead with the COV# upon it must be emailed to the Wing LGT for approval.
  5. For charge amounts greater than those above the limits listed do not begin repair work until you receive CONFIRMATION from Wing Headquarters or LGT that your increase has been approved. Failure to follow this may result in the amount being charged will become the unit or group responsibility to pay.
  6. Once you receive confirmation of approval  you are responsible for contacting the repair shop and have them begin work. Note that you should not agree to have parts ordered while you wait for confirmation of reimbursement. If you do, and National does not agree to reimbursement, you will be liable for the cost of those parts. 
  7. Once work is complete, pay the repair shop and ask for a PAID INVOICE. Do not accept work orders or estimates that are marked paid. You need a FINALIZED INVOICE that shows the amount charged for parts and labor, and the method in which you paid the balance (cash, check, credit card). Be careful to note that the date on the PAID INVOICE does not fall before the date you received confirmation of approval, or your card may not be covered by NHQ. The COV # must be on the invoice and/or the paid receipt.
  8. Immediately upon getting the Paid receipt EMAIL the PAID INVOICE (PDF format) along with a copy of the credit card receipt(s) to Wing LGT (currently Also upload the receipt into maintenance section of ORMS in eServices. (Be sure the shop has listed on the receipt whether the work was done as part of a F73 repair or Maintenance schedule IAW CAPR 77-1 amendment 1 or mfg suggested maintenance schedule.)
  9. Typically approval confirmation is within 24-72 hrs. It may be longer. 
  10. If purchasing “A” mission fuel, you must have a mission # and enter the information in WMiRS. Be sure to check the NHQ credit card paid box. The mission number should be on the receipt when you upload it in WMIRS.
  11. REMINDER: ORMS permissions are tied to duty positions. The vehicle manager listed on the vehicle page should have a logistics duty assignment (LG, asst LG, LGT, asst LGT). The vehicle manager is the POC for the COV.
Note that failure to follow these steps may leave payment responsibly to the group or unit. All invoices, work orders and estimates should contain your COV #.  
Questions about your ongoing vehicle repair work should be directed to Wing LGT. If you are not sure if repairs will be eligible for reimbursement check CAPR 77-1, or contact Group LG/LGT or Wing LGT
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