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Prof Dev LogoDirector of Professional Development: Lt Col Earl Gardner

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in Pennsylvania offers classroom, on-line and traditional correspondence study options just for you. You can choose from a wide variety of CAP and Air Force-developed courses. Pennsylvania Wing schedules regular professional development training throughout the Wing, including:

  • Squadron Leadership School (SLS) ~4-6 per year in each Group,
  • Corporate Learning Course (CLC) - 2 per year (1 East PA and 1 West PA), Managed by Wing PD
  • Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) course is managed by Cadet Programs but included on Wing PD Schedule
  • Unit Commanders Course (UCC) - 2 per year (1 East PA  and 1 West PA)  managed by wing PD 

RSC and NSC are listed below as information becomes available. Additional online distance education opportunities are available to CAP members through the Air University. CAP is a partner is this Air Force program.

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