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CAP National Professional Development Website:

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CAP Officer Basic Course (OBC) on Blackboard Learning Management System: The OBC

continues to be a great success with over 100 members participating monthly to advance their CAP

knowledge. Those who complete the OBC can advance through Level II of the Senior Member

Professional Development Program. Due to high demand, wait time from the date of enrollment to

start the OBC is now approximately one month. Sections of the course begin on the 1st and 15th of

each month, and enrollees will be placed in the first available class. Anyone wanting to complete the

Officer Basic Course must have Level I training completion annotated in eServices. Those in Level II

training who want to enroll in the course may submit their enrollment at; click on the “Officer

Basic Course” link. If you have any problems submitting the form, contact the POC listed below. You

will receive a confirmation and tentative start date within two days of submitting the enrollment form.

POC: Ron Olienyk – .



National Staff College (NSC): CAP graduated 57 students from NSC in October 2011. This is the

capstone course in professional development and is conducted annually at CAP National

Headquarters. NSC is designed for members who are, or will be, assuming positions of regional or

national importance within CAP. The NSC is taught by senior CAP leaders and USAF instructors

from Air University. The curriculum challenges students in the areas of executive leadership,

management, organizational behavior, and policy formulation.


AFIADL Course 02130D: AFIADL Course 02130D (Intro to Emergency Services) was officially

closed as of 1 October 2011. Members enrolled prior to 1 October will be able to finish the course on

the regular 12-month schedule from date of enrollment, but no new enrollments will be accepted for

this format. For information about a replacement course, contact Operations POC: John

Desmarais/Deputy Director Operations-


Aerospace Education Officer (AEO) Schools: AEOs should consider planning to attend a summer

AEO School where a standardized curriculum is implemented as guidance to plan, conduct, manage,

and report on both internal and external AE programs of CAP. A total of 180 AEOs successfully

completed 2011 AEO schools. The summer 2012 AEO school sites are: National AEO School in

Pensacola, Fl; and Regional AEO Schools in the Middle East Region, Great Lakes Region, Rocky

Mountain Region, the Pacific Region, and one additional region TBA. Stay tuned to the AEO School

link for updates as they become available. POC: Dr. Jeff Montgomery –



Resources for Professional Development:


AU-24 Concepts for Air Force Leadership




Air Force
    AFPD 10-27  Civil Air Patrol  29 Jul 05  215 kb
    AFI 10-2701 Organization and Function of the Civil Air Patrol  29 Jul 05  837 kb  Includes Chg 1, 29 Sep 06
    AFI 10-2702  Board of Governors of the Civil Air Patrol  27 Feb 01  102 kb
    AFH 33-337 Air Force Tongue and Quill  1 Aug 04  6.4 M
    AFMAN 36-2203 Drill and Ceremonies  3 Jun 96  4.4 M   Includes Chg 1, 24 Sep 07
Civil Air Patrol-United States Air Force
    Cooperative Agreement between Civil Air Patrol and United States Air Force  10 Jul 00  895 kb

    CAP-USAF Instruction 10-2701  Civil Air Patrol Operations and Training  3 Aug 07; Incorporates Interim Change 1, 13 June 2008.  Bars in the left margin show the paragraphs that have changed.  1.23M 
    This instruction incorporates and replaces CAP-USAFI 10-802, Civil Air Patrol Operations and Training, CAP-USAF Pamphlet 12, Evaluation Guide, CAP-USAF Interim Evaluation Guide, and multiple CAP-USAF policy letters. All policy letters related to this document issued prior to this publication are rescinded.

  Missions Directorate
    Capabilities Handbook Low Resolution  Aug 10 Revision 2  700 kb
    Capabilities Handbook High Resolution  Aug 10 Revision 2  4.7 M
    Capabilities Brochure Low Resolution  Sep 10  850 kb
    Capabilities Brochure High Resolution  Sep 10  2.2 M
  Professional Development
   AFI 36-2201 Air Force Training Program  15 Sep 10  1.38 M  Includes Chg 1, 8 Mar 11
   AU Catalog  804 kb



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