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Virtual Resource Tools

Collaboration and Meeting Tools


Ways to hold meetings & tutorials


  1. Google Hangouts Meet

    1. Google Hangouts Meet homepage

    2. Hangouts Meet cheat sheet

  2. Google Classroom

    1. Google Classroom CheatSheet 

    2. Guide to Google Classroom

    3. On Demand Professional Development and Support for Google Education

  3. Google Forms Cheat Sheet

  4. Zoom Free signup

  5. Request access to PA Wing Zoom Account


Training and Activity Resources



  1. FEMA Independent Study (Training) - FEMA Independent Study (Training)

    1. ICS 100, 200, 700, 800 (required for many CAP SQTR)

    2. IS-26 (Guide to Points of Distribution - POD Course)

    3. IS-29: Public Information Officer Awareness

    4. IS-42: Social Media in Emergency Management

    5. IS-244: Developing and Managing Volunteers

    6. IS-520: Intro to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenzas 

    7. IS-559: Local Damage Assessment

  2. Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services web pages

  3. CAP Learning Managment System

  4. ESRI Geographic Information System (GIS)

  5. CAP National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) Website

    1. Ground Team Training - GROUND SEARCH AND RESCUE

    2. Aircrew Training - Mission Aircrew School

  6. Web Management Information Reporting System (WMIRS) videos


Aerospace Education

  1. Kennedy Space Center 

  2. NASA STEM Engagement

  3. National Air and Space Museum

  4. Boeing Educational Resources

  5. Surface of Mars recorded by Curiosity Rover 

  6. NASA Glenn Research Center (Glenn Research Center)

  7. Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Downloads

  8. National Association of Rocketry (National Association of Rocketry)

  9. Science Buddies - Hands on Science (Science project Ideas)

  10. What makes a hurricaine?

  11. What makes a tornado?  

  12. Free AE online courses

  1. Aviation is Your Future - Embry Riddle University (free online courses)

  2. CAP Walk to Mars!

  3. NOAA-Staying in? Keep learning with NOAA Science Activities 


Cadet Programs

  1. Cadet Coronavirus Resource Page

    1. Rules & Regulation Changes (waivers)

    2. Milestone Achievement instructions

    3. Cool Options for the Virtual Squadron

    4. Summer Activities

  2. USAF Air University- Squadron Centered Learning

  3. TeachWithMovies and CAP Learn to Lead Activity Guide (See pg. 30)

  4. USAF Heritage Today Videos- Each video is linked to the USAF Core Values and is designed to inspire and promote critical thinking as well as group discussion. 

    1. Down the right-hand side of the screen, are various topics. Click the little up arrow and it will also include the script, discussion guide, and poster, in addition to the video. Under professionalism, great topics for the cadets – core values, loyalty, trust, etc. Serving in the USAF....serving in CAP 


Cyber Patriot/STEM/STEAM Education:

  1. Concord Consortium Free interactive STEM activities, by subject & grade level

  2. Disney’s Imagineering in a Box 


Physical Education:

  1. Dance Class w/Broadway’s Debbie Allen 

  2. Full Body Workouts w/Retro Fitness via Facebook Live 

  3. YMCA launches 60 free online classes for people stuck at home 

  4. Zumba 


More Just for FUN:


  1. Discovery Education  (Free for remainder of school year) 

  2. Netflix Party: Watch Movies Online With Friends 

    1. Watch a film together, and engage in live real-time chat! 

    2. 150 Educational Shows to Watch on Netflix to figure out what to watch

  3. PBS Learning A varied media gallery indexed by subject and grade level 

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