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Special Purpose Vehicles

Special Purpose Vehicle Endorsement

PA Wing members looking to add the special vehicle (SPV) endorsement to their CAP Drivers License. This is in order to drive motorized vehicles, not titled for highway use.  The vehicles may be in use for or during events, activities, schools, training and the like which PA Wing is either holding or is participating in.  The member will need to download this sheet. They will need to read, understand and agree to follow safety fundamentals explained on the sheet by filling out the bottom of sheet including their group. The sheet then needs to be scanned in pdf format and emailed to the LGT at

Remember members must have the SPV endorsement on their CAP Drivers License before driving any motorized not for highway use vehicle. That include but are not limited to Golf carts, Bobcat, Polaris and the like in use or being used by CAP.

SPV Endorsement Request



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